CGRHS member Rick Perry donated a historic wooden CofGa workman’s push cart to the Society. Such push carts were used by various crews to move tools and supplies between work sites on the railroad. They were pulled behind motor cars.

The push cart donated to the society is primarily of wooden construction but has a few metal parts, including front and rear angle reinforcements, wheel assemblies, and towing bar. Much of the wood deck has deteriorated, but the frame is in generally good condition. The lower section of the original wood frame is painted orange, and white “C. OF GA.” lettering is barely visible on both ends.

When acquired by Rick Perry in the mid 1990s, the push cart was stored upside down in the old CofGa freight house in Eufaula, Ala. It was missing one axle, although a matching axle was located in a nearby thicket near the old CofGa engine service area.

Although no builder’s information has been found on the cart, its wooden construction likely dates it to the early to mid 1900s. Some of the construction details indicate that it might have been built by the Fairbanks Morse Company, but it’s also possible that it was built by the CofGa using another Fairbanks Morse cart as the pattern. The metal wheels are from Fairmont.