The October–November–December 1963 issue (Vol. 51, No. 5) of The Right Way celebrated the 130th anniversary of the Central of Georgia Railway with articles devote to the history of the railroad. That issue is reproduced here.

Unfortunately, that issue was the last published by the Central of Georgia Railway.


History - The Right Way Oct-Dec 1963

Reprinted from The Right Way Magazine, Vol. 51, No. 5

An Open Letter from the President…

Fellow Employees:

The Central of Georgia passed another milestone in December—its 130th birthday. Since that day in 1833 when the Charter was granted by the Georgia Legislature to the Central Railroad and Canal Company, the railroad now known as Central of Georgia Railway Company has been an important part of the history and tradition of the great State of Georgia, serving faithfully in peace and war, through good times and bad, a tried and true friend and neighbor.

Service is our business, and meeting the ever-changing demands of the World we live in today, we face another new year ready and eager to serve with the loyalty and devotion of the past, and the tools and know-how of today.

Having just passed through a transition period, which necessarily followed the acquisition of stock control by Southern, the Central of Georgia is prepared to face the future, as a part of the great Southern Railway System, with greater strength and better equipment than ever before. Service to our customers, both large and small, is the product of everyone, whatever our individual job may be, and with each of us resolving in the new year to put his best efforts into his daily task, our service, the product our customers buy, will be second to none.

Fortified with the experience of 130 years of growth with the Southeast, constantly modernizing to meet the changing equipment and service needs of our customers, and with the additional equipment and improved methods that will come to our railroad as a part of the Southern Railway System, let’s greet the new year and the tremendous potential of the future with confidence in ourselves and our railroad to provide the efficient and friendly service that will not only meet the present and future needs of our customers, but will attract new customers.

The surest way to make a Happy New Year is through the continued growth and prosperity of our railroad, which will come about only through the individual efforts of all of us. Let us join together for a Happy New Year.

W. E. Dillard

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