There are a variety of resources available for those researching the Central of Georgia Railway. In addition to the archival collection of the Society (listed here), there are several repositories in the southeast which have various holdings of Central of Georgia materials, as well as materials from related and subsidiary railroads.


The Georgia Historical Society in Savannah, Ga., has an extensive collection of CofGa documents and records. These records date from 1835 through 1967, and include the following departments:

  • Accounting (stockholder lists, various financial ledgers, etc.)
  • Agricultural (correspondence, daily reports, test farm reports, photographs, etc.)
  • Engineering (AFEs, subject files, letter books, field notes, photographs, etc.)
  • Executive (minute books, annual reports, President’s files, contracts, etc.)
  • Hospital (expenditures, reports)
  • Land and Tax (deed registers, tax registers, contracts and agreements, etc.)
  • Public Relations (The Right Way Magazine, advertisements, etc.)
  • Traffic (mileage books, equipment reports, locomotive registers, etc.)

They also have the CofGa’s Engineering Department Drawings (maps, bridges, buildings, depots, etc.), as well as corporate records (financial ledgers, minute books, reports, etc.) from many of the CofGa’s predecessor roads.


The Southern Museum of Civil War and Locomotive History in Kennesaw, Ga., has assorted records, including some President’s subject matter files and Mechanical Department AFEs and drawings.


The Live Oak Public Library in Savannah, Ga., has several volumes of Central of Georgia Magazine (1926–1962) and assorted Annual Reports (1916–1968).


The University of Georgia Library in Athens, Ga., has several volumes of Central of Georgia Magazine.


(Please note that none of these institutions have CofGa personnel records.)