In April 1913, Vol. 1, No. 1, of a four-page, eight-column leaflet entitled “The Right Way” made its appearance at Savannah, issued by the CofGa’s Passenger Traffic Department. In its dedication, General Passenger Agent J. C. Haile and Assistant General Passenger Agent F. J. Robinson, under whose auspices the first issue was printed, expressed the hope “that through this medium an earnest and hearty co-operation will be established.”

By May 1916, the publication had increased in importance and size that it became necessary to name an editor to guide publication.

In January 1917, the name was changed to “The Right Way Magazine.” In May of that year, the cover page showing a beautiful bathing girl sitting on the beach marking with her finger in the white sand the word “Tybee” was the beginning of specially designed cover pages.

That name was used until the April 1930 issue, when the major title became Central of Georgia Magazine with the subtitle “The Right Way.” The editor at that time noted that “sentiment weighed against any change in title, but against this there was the indisputable fact that a magazine going to all parts of our country…would be more readily identified with our railroad if it bore our company’s name as an integral part of its title.” After a year, however, “The Right Way” was removed as a subtitle.

In September 1954, “The Right Way” was added back to the cover, with a smaller subheading “Central of Georgia Magazine.” For the next nine years, the magazine utilized both titles on the cover, although the masthead inside read “The Right Way”Magazine, while the return address on the back read “Central of Georgia Magazine.” For most, however, either name would suffice.

The magazine was published monthly with few exceptions, along with the occasional special extra issues. In 1963, publication changed to bi-monthly with issues for January–February, March–April, and May–June. The remaining half of the year saw two issues: July–August–September, and October–November–December, which would be the last issues published.